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TRG Nutritional Inc - Glucoten AF - 100 Mini Veggie Tablets

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Promote Blood Sugar Regularity & Supports Overall Wellness And Nutrient Balance! DESCRIPTION Glucoten AFT" (formerly Glucose Balance AF) is a food product based on natural plants from which the medicinal herbal ingredients are extracted and compounded into an effective nutrient supplement by advanced biotechnigue.and is dedsian to Eive the panceas vitalnutrients it need to function property.

When tested directly against Dr,Chong's YUXIAo SAN ssos (Dia-Naturale), GIucoten AF was found to be superior in performance, quality and overall effectiveness FUNCTION GlucotenAF works to assist the body to maintainelucose levels by bringing them back within normal ranges in aturalway." These unique Chinesemedicinalherbs, developed by a leading lChinese medicine formulator, were designed to assist the body in maintaining and managing normalglucose levels. is designed to be a stand-alone formula but works even better in conjunction with Glucose support. Glucoten AF stimulates the insulin receptors of the cells to allow for the ptakeofelucose.

This action produces a reduction ofgucose ina natural way as the to usable energy. It breaks the insulin-resistance syndrome by stimulating and opening the peripheral receptor in each cel, thereby allowing the body' own insulin to insulin enter the cells and start workingagain. It also stimulates the pancreas to release more insulin, and reduces the absorption oftlycosidesattheintestinalievel. INDICATIONS Glucoten AF gives the body the nutrients that wiu work at helping the body support the pancreas function while ing in the proper tucese utilization. It sives the body the nutrients it needs. Therefore, it takes time.

Glucoten AF is plant based product from which the medicinal herbal ingredients are extracted and compounded into an effective nutrient supplement by advanced biotechnigue which is designed to offer nutritional support for healthy glucose support.

Indian herbs are renowned all over the world for their health properties. India is the second highest producer of these herbs in the world after China. Himalayas, Aravalis, and Nilgiri mountains are the greatest reserves of the highest quality herbs in India. Ayurveda, the traditional Indian form of health, has been using herbs for thousands of years. These Ayurvedic herbs are very effective for promoting health.

Glucoten AF is a breakthrough formula that can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels already in the normal ranges. It combines the most effective glucose-balancing ingredients into a very powerful formula. Our formulation is uniquely effective because it is a Bio-Aligned Formula which can help bring your body's systems for carbohydrate metabolism back into alignment. It is an important dietary supplement that provides a simple and effective method to promote glucose metabolism.

Glucoten AF is a comprehensive herbal-nutrient formula, based on the newest clinical research into key herbs and special ingredients such as Radix Trichosanthis, Red Ginseng,
Chinese Yam, and Milkvetch Root

Usually it takes about 2-3weeks to see positive results.

Take 1 capsules as dietary supplement with meals

ingredients FORMULA Scutellariae Raden (Root) ophiopogon Japonicus (Flower Stem) Ker-Gwaii (Stem& Learn Ginseng Radix Hepialus Armoricanus oberthur (Root) Gekko Gecko (skin) Rou Guib (Root) Quei Fu Di Huang wan (Stem & Leaf) Tang Niao Kang Flower stem)


Proprietary Blend:               
• Radix Trichosanthis
• Red Ginseng
• Chinese Yam
• Milkvetch Root
• Rehmannia Root
• Wolfberry Fruit
• Anemarrhena
• Cornus Fruit
• Pueraria Root
• Schisandra Fruit
• Asparagus Root

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