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Sunaroma, Strawberry Soap with Jojoba Butter - 5 oz ( Pack of 12 )

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  • $39.99

SOAP - STRAWBERRY with Jojoba Butter H0070 5oz Bar. 100% Vegetable Based Strawberry Soap. Sunaroma introduces to you its one of a kind Strawberry Glycerin Noodle Soap with Jojoba Butter. This ultra rich body bar with Chamomile helps keep your skin clean, soft and moisturized using its distinctive glycerin noodles which helps attract moisture to your skin as an aromatherapeutic blend of Strawberry and Jojoba Butter tingles your senses.

Applying it to the skin can even help relax aching muscles while inhaling it helps alleviate headaches. Cruelty-Free Formula: When you grab a bar of our Lavender soap, you're cleansing your skin with a product that's cruelty free and Rainforest Alliance Certified! With premium ingredients and a 100% vegetable base, it's paraben and sulfate free and safe for all users

Ingredients Also contains: MENTHOL, MUNTABERRY, CLOVE LILLI PILLI, CINNAMON BARK EXTRACT, MEDITTERIAN MILK THISTLE, LAVENDER EXTRACT & CALENDULA FLOWER EXTRACT. 100% Vegetable Based, Made with Rainforest Alliance Certified Palm Oil, Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, No Artificial Color and Cruelty Free. Packaging made with 100% post consumer recycled content.

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