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TCMzone opened its doors to the healthcare community in 2000, supplying the first ever herbal granule formulas in what has become our signature individual packet dosage form in the U.S. This initial professional line was our Honso Kampo Japanese herbs. We partnered with one of the top GMP certified herbal manufacturers in Japan, manufacturing fixed, standardized Kampo granule formulas, and sponsoring continued worldwide research on their formulas to scientifically validate this medicine. TCMzone became a pioneer in the field of TCM by continuing these herbal research efforts, supplying our own formulas for U.S. clinical studies at reputable facilities throughout the country and providing these quality-backed herbs to U.S. practitioners. This type of dedication to validating the efficacy of Chinese herbal products is a standard that TCMzone continues today.

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  1.  TCM Zone, All-Inclusive Great Tonifying (H48) Granules - 1 box
    • $57.88
    • $55.88
  2.  TCM Zone, Bupleurum plus Dragon Bone and Oyster Shell (H12) - 1 box
    • $53.96
    • $51.96
  3.  TCM Zone, Ginseng Formula (HG32) - 1 box

    TCM Zone, Ginseng Formula (HG32) - 1 box

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    • $52.68
    • $50.68
  4.  TCM Zone, Tonify the Middle and Augment the Qi Formula (H41) - 1 box
    • $53.50
    • $51.50

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