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The origin story of Microbiome Labs is a classic tale of forging new frontiers, complete with discovery, adversity, and a leap of faith. Neither founder set out on a path to start his own supplement company, but through persistent curiosity Dr. Tom Bayne and Microbiologist Kiran Krishnan stumbled upon an amazing opportunity. With a rich background in research, Kiran noticed that many supplement companies were lacking sufficient clinical data, which inspired him to design trials that were more affordable and fitting for the supplement industry. He then expanded his skill set into product development and formulation for a number of retail supplement companies. Eventually he was hired to study probiotics and discover what would become the next big probiotic in the industry: Bacillus spores.


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  1. Microbiome Labs, MyoMax - 60 Capsules

    Microbiome Labs, MyoMax - 60 Capsules

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