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Sabre Sciences, Serene IC - 2 oz

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As the name implies our Serene IC creme promotes balance for the mind. Plant flavinoids found In the herb P. Frutescens have been studied to "possess actions od activation on MAO transporters thus enhancing MAO uptake activation." Supporting MAO activity will improve mood and detoxification capabilities. You cannot change your genetics, but you can change the way they behave.

Suggested Use: Apply ¼ tsp on arising and as needed, up to 5Xday. May be used at night as a sleeping aid.

Gang et al: 2010 “The active ingredient in P. fructescens – luteolion & apigenin “possess actions of activation of MAO transporters thus enhancing monoamine uptake activation. MAO’s are necessary for NT breakdown and elimination.

Serving Size: 0.25 Teaspoon

Ingredients: Proprietary complex 500mg/ ¼ teaspoon (P. fructescens extract, Vit E, phosphatidylcholine, α-linolenic acid, linoleic acid)

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