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Pure Body Naturals - Organic Jojoba Oil - 4 floz

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Organic Jojoba Oil - Huge 4 fl. Oz - Jojoba Oil for Hair, Cleanses Scalp, Conditions, Adds Shine - Jojoba Oil for Nails, Cuticle Oil, Foot Cream - Jojoba Oil 100% Pure, Cold Pressed, Virgin Unrefined Best in Natural Hair Care: Much like lavender oil hair and scalp treatments, Jojoba is a pure hair oil that offers an incredible range of benefits! By replenishing moisture and improving texture, it provides you with shiny, soft hair.

Many have also seen results when using Jojoba for hair growth because it cleanses the scalp and unclogs follicles the way coconut oils do. You can say goodbye to breakage and split ends while simultaneously protecting your hair against future damage! •Healthy Hands and Feet: Looking for a way to strengthen your brittle nails? Jojoba is a great massage oil for your at-home manicures! As a natural cuticle oil, it greatly improves the overall look and quality of your nails.

You can also massage it on your feet as a manipulation therapy product to sooth areas of dry and cracked skin. It's anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties make Jojoba a powerful defense against common fungal infections like athlete's foot, warts, and toenail fungus.

•Face and Body Lotion: From facial treatments and masks to acting as a great body moisturizer, Jojoba is an all-in-one skincare product! And because it naturally contains iodine, it fights harmful bacteria that cause acne better than the top facial creams and moisturizers! Not seeing any results when you use cocoa body butter for stretch marks? Jojoba Oil speeds up the healing process, quickly fading wounds and scars. As a non-greasy body oil and body cleaner, it reduces dryness and fights inflammation.

•Your Go-To Beauty Product: Hair, skin, and nails vitamin supplements can't do as much as Jojoba! This all-in-one bath oil is ideal for skin and hair, but the benefits don't stop there. From beard conditioners and oils to baby products like baby aromatherapy, Jojoba does it all! Waterproof mascara, eyeliner, and foundation wipe away with ease when put up against Jojoba, making it a great alternative to makeup removers. It even works as a natural shaving gel. Apply it to the skin before shaving to lessen irritation and razor burn.

The Best Oil for Multi-Purpose Beauty!
From hair masks and cleansers to lotions and manicure creams, we do whatever we can to look our best! But it seems like no matter how much money we spend, there isn't much change. Our hair isn't soft and shiny, we still get breakouts, and brittle nails seem to be an unsolvable problem. Why spend a fortune on chemical-based products when Mother Nature gave us the perfect solution? 

Jojoba Oil by Pure Body Naturals will have you looking and feeling your best! Thanks to the oil's deeply conditioning properties, it keeps hair soft, healthy, and prevents breakage. Massaging it into the scalp can even promote hair growth as it unclogs and cleanses follicles. Likewise, Jojoba pulls impurities out of the skin, making it an amazing facial cleanser! And because it contains iodine, it fights the bacteria that cause acne and breakouts. But it's not just for the face! Jojoba acts as a hydrating body lotion after your shower and it fades stretch marks and scars. This oil is the all-natural substitute to cuticle cream and combats common fungal infections like athlete's foot. As an alternative to makeup removers, shaving gels, and beard oils, this all-in-one oil is all you need! 

Use for Conditions hair and cleanses scalp. Pulls impurities from skin and fights acne. Heals nails and fights fungus. Great alternative to makeup removers and shave gels

Ingredients 100% pure Organic Jojoba Oil and unrefined.

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