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Plush Naturals - Bar Soap Kona Roast Coffee - 7 oz

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Plush Naturals Bar Soap Kona Roast Coffee contains an all natural blend of the finest coffee beans as well as organic rice husk for exfoliating delicate skin.  Misty mountains give way to emerald jungles. Plush Naturals promise, your piece of mind:  Pure, natural ingredients from sustainable sources.  Handcrafted products made using fair wages.  Plush Naturals offer luxurious all-natural soaps and body care products for the discriminating bather that lives in each of us.

  • Luxuriously Large, 100% Natural. 
  • All-Natural Soaps without Compromise

Company Overview
Plush Naturals was founded on the belief that great, all-natural products should come without compromise. Their founders set out to create a line of soaps that were genuinely worth getting excited about. Soaps that were luxuriously sinful, yet made with only the purest, all-natural ingredients and created using only earth friendly and sustainable practices.

They at Plush firmly believe that one should never have to settle for flat suds, lackluster fragrances, or puny bars just to have an all-natural product. Their bars are big, bold, and come in an array of scents that will tempt and tantalize the senses. And did they mention that they are all-natural and handmade with only the best ingredients? It's true! If you think that you are ready to step up to an entirely different sort of all-natural soap, give them a try, because one should never settle for less just to be natural!

At Plush, they sell big bars in small numbers… But they don’t mind. As a small, independent creator of all-natural body care products, they are able to give each and every one of their soaps the care it deserves. Their hope is that their attention to detail, passion for perfection, and love for all things natural will continue to make bath time an extraordinary experience for years to come.

Wet, Lather, and Rinse!

Saponified Palm Oil, Saponified Coconut Oil, Water, Coffee Fragrant Oil, Coffee Powder

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