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Omojo Health USA Skin Brightening - 30 Veggie Capsules

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bolster complexion + even skin tone* Skin Brightening Kit has finely milled powder from saltwater pearls contain a variety of proteins, trace elements, amino acids and collagen that have a strong moistening effect on skin, evening out skin tone and smoothing surface appearance.

Pearl powder capsules are finely milled powder from saltwater pearls contains nutrients known to purify and rejuvenate skin. Pearl powder serum is ideal even for sensitive skin, pearl powder restores skin‘s youthful glow and evens skin tone. By treating your skin from the inside out by using a supplement in conjunction with a topical serum, you infuse the power of the body both inside and out to produce its own natural beauty.

Suggested use: Pearl Powder Supplements: Take one capsule daily before a meal, or as direct by a health care professional.

Ingredients vegetable capsules ( hypromellose) no bovine.

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