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Natural Healing House Almonds Raw Unpasteurized - 16 oz

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USDA Certified Organic Unpasteurized Raw Almonds Natural Healing House Selection Almonds are one of the earth's most ancient and nutritious food sources. They are an excellent source of energy and fiber, and are loaded with vitamin E. Claimed health benefits include immunity boosting, anti-inflammatory properties, and even improved skin complexion. Our almonds come from Spain.

Organic Raw Unpasteurized Almonds

  • 100% natural superseed
  • Excellent source of energy, fiber, great for sprouting!
  • Low-Cholesterol and Sodium
  • Vegan ● No Sugar ● No Soy ● Gluten Free ● Non-GMO ● No Trans Fat ● No Cholesterol

Delicious Organic Raw•100% natural super-seed with Excellent source of energy, fiber, great for sprouting!

Ingredients 100% Organic, Unpasteurized, Raw Almonds from Spain

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