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HB&S Solutions, Multivitamin For Men - 60 Capsules

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MOST ADVANCED MULTIVITMAN FOR MEN ★ Our advanced formula will give you everything a man needs to live life at 100%. Our extreme 4 Phase Formula ensures that you have your energy, sexual performance, mental focus, prostate and immune system at top level!

4 PHASE COMPLEX ★ Our amazing formula starts of at Phase 1 – Vitamins & Minerals (Everything you need as man). Phase 2 – Male Support Blend (Keep you prostate and sexual needs in check) Phase 3 - Immune Blend – ( To make sure your immune system keep you strong and healthy) Phase 4 – Antioxidant & Energy Blend – (Gets rid of all toxins in your body as well as cancer causing free radicals. Provides you with the energy you need each day!)

REVOLUTIONARY RANGE ★ Our Premium Black Edition Range From Muscle Phase Consist Of The Following - Premium Garcinia Cambogia XT - CLA Fat Burner - Phase 3 Creatine - Male Testosterone Booster - Shockwave Pre-Workout - BCAA Post Workout And Our Ultra Advanced Whey Protein

Take 2 capsules daily with meals

Ingredients Blend includes Vitamin A , Vitamin B Complex ( B1 , B2, B3, B5, B6 & B12 ) Biotin, Folic Acid, Calmag (Calcium & Magnesium), Zinc, Copper, Saw Palmetto, Green Tea, Cinnamon & More

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