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Burizex, KELODA Deluxe Scar & Keloid Removal Oil & Massager - 1 oz

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Kèloda is unique scar care system designed by plastic surgeon to effectively reduce appearance, color and texture of old and new scars.Kèloda combines two scar treatment modalities: manual scar massage and application of potent natural anti-inflammatory healing oils.Scar massage has been clinically proven to prevent excessive scarring.Natural oils such as coconut, arnica, turmeric, avocado, shea, frankincense, myrrh, helichrysum, carrot seed and lavender are among the most potent for skin and scar care.Kèloda is designed for management of new and old scars including hypertrophic scars, keloids and abnormal looking scars. Makes a great gift!UNIQUE FEATURES:Contains blend of natural healing essential oils: coconut oil, shea oil, almond oil, avocado oil, turmeric oil, frankincense oil, myrrh oil, helichrysum oil, carrot seed oil, arnica oil, lavender oil, vitamin D & KDesigned to enhance natural scar tissue regeneration. Highly recommended by plastic surgeons, cosmetologists, and skin care specialists!Easy to use! Scar roller delivers mechanical pressure and oils precisely over the scar tissue. Just roll over scar with gentle pressure for five mins (or longer) three times dailyDeveloped by plastic surgeon to help with scar care after cosmetic procedures. Great for preventing hypertrophic scaring and keloids. Great relief for itching scar. Excellent as daily moisturizer for dry skin. Try it now!

Massage scars by rolling Keloda along scar line or over the wound with gentle pressure.

Use three times a day for 5 minutes (or as often as desired) for at least for 8 weeks or longer.

Do not use Keloda if you have an allergy to any of its ingredients.

For prevention of excessive scars formation use Keloda only after incision or wound is completely closed and sutures are removed.


Keloda is excellent for improving appreance of scars after plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures. 


Use Keloda to optimize appreance, color and texture of scars after body surgery, orthopedic  procedures, C - section, skin trauma and burns.  


Have tendency to form hypertrophic scars or keloids? Keloda can help you to minimize scarring! Itching scars - get instant releif! 

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