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Beautiful Soap & Co. Soap, Lavender Garden, 7 oz (210 g) (Pack of 3)

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All natural, gentle for your skin. Be natural. Be beautiful. Handcrafted with all-natural vegan, cruelty-free ingredients. Made in the USA.

Our wonderful gentle soap cleans and cares for even hypersensitive skin. It does not dry away and attacks by their favorable pH value not to the acid solution mantle of the skin. Our soap is soap because we do not use the classic soaps as the basis but much gentler surfactants. Even children and babies feel comfortable with this mildly fragrant skin cleansing. The soap is especially gentle and therefore doesn’t sting the eyes.

Normal soaps are skin cleansers in which (ie above pH 7) act in the alkalic range and therefore the particular natural acid mantle on the epidermis – as well as kill the protective layer associated with fat (4.8 6.0). They also react along with molecules in the skin and the top covering can swell the pores and skin. Included perfume oils or even disinfectants may cause allergies. Syndets (= synthetic detergent) are man-made detergents of which clean intense, but the skin can also degrease sturdy. Therefore, they contain hydrating agents such as methane series, olive oil or soybean oil. Your pH can be adjusted to the acid mantle of the skin.

Do not overdo this
Therefore a regular, yet correct and not exaggerated body hygiene is the particular golden mean. Cleaning ought to cause the least possible degreasing, drying and discomfort of the skin. “Unsuitable are ordinary, commercially fragrant soaps and synthetic detergents (= artificial detergent),” say experts at the University Skin Clinic Bochum. “For example, surfactants in a fruit juice form are avoided. Hazardous is long, frothy soaping, because it leads to massive degreasing. “

Be natural. Be beautiful. Handcrafted with all-natural vegan.
All natural Made in the USA.

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