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Aggressive Labz, Regeneration X PCT - 90 Capsules

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Aggressive Labz Regeneration PCT Elite Post Cycle Formula with Arimistane 90 Capsules
New and Sealed
Reboot Testosterone
Block Estrogen
Detoxify the Body
Keep Gains

-Increase Lean Mass

+ Boost Strength-

-H-Drol Replacement-




dry-hard-gains muscle

body building


Take 1 capsules with meals for workout during gain muscle

Supplement Facts tongkat ali 100:1 300mg, n-acetyl-cysteine 200mg, theobromine 99% 150mg, grape seed extract 150mg, l-cartinne 50mg, arimistane, diene 7-17 dione, 25mg, piperine 95% 3.5mg, vitamin d3 5000iu.

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