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Aggressive Labz, Mass Serum Powerful Mass Builder - 35 Servings

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Aggressive Labz Mass X

Extremely Powerful Mass Building Powder

With Synergistic Compounds

35 Servings

New and Sealed

 Categories: Aggressive Labz, Cutting Agents, Mass Builders, Mass Builders


-Increase Lean Mass and Strength-

-Increase GH/IGF-1 Levels-

-Faster Recovery/Deeper Sleep-


You Can Expect:

-Extreme Mass Gains

-Explosive Muscle Strength And Hardness

-Gains of up to 20lbs

-Increased Appetite

Aggressive Labz

Product for Advanced Users**

Extreme Mass


Take one (1) scoop per day with water or juice. around 8 or 10 oz of water

Ingredients-aspartic acid, daa, tongkat ali 100:1 hexadrone, arimistane, osterine, mk-2866, stenabolicsr-9009, s23, piperine black pepper extract, ligandrol LGDD-4033. citric acid , natural and artificial flavor, sucralose, artificial color red #40 yellow #5.

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