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Aggressive Labz, Excalibur Powerful Mass Builder - 90 Capsules

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UNDERSTAND: Aggressive Labz does not represent their products as dietary supplements. In purchasing this product the purchaser agrees to the following.

All customers represent and warrant that through their own study and review they are fully aware and knowledgeable about the following product. Under no circumstance shall Aggressive Labz be held liable for consequential damages whether purchases claim contract negligence, strict liability, or otherwise. You must be 21 years of age to purchase this product.

If your objective is to put on the most strength and size possible in the shortest time frame while still maintaining a hard cut physique EXCALIBUR is what you’ve been looking for.  EXCALIBUR has a cocktail of 9 hardening agents for a clean dry bulk with incredible strength gains. With the potency of EXCALIBUR liver support is recommended (see CYCLE GUARD X). Each cycle of EXCALIBUR is required to be followed up by REGENERATION PCT, fail to do so will result in side effects.

Take one 1 capsules daily as from training programs, make sure take with food.
Ingredients 5a laxogen 45mg, max lmg 30mg, ostarine mk2866 15mg, s23 17.5mg, trestalone acetate 15mg, stenabolic sr-9009 12mg, cardarine 8 mg, methylstenbolone 3mg, igd 3303 1mg.

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