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Aggressive Labz, E-STANE (EPI-DROL) - 1 floz (30ml)

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Aggressive Labz, LMG-Loaded Mass Builder - 60 Capsules

Aggressive Labz LMG-Loaded
25mg MAX-LMG Per Capsule
60 Capsules Per Bottle

Great Mass Compound
Joint Protecting Properties
Strength Amplifier

You Can Expect:

-Extreme Mass Gains

-Explosive Muscle Strength And Hardness

-Gains of up to 20lbs

-Increased Appetite

Aggressive Labz

Lean Mass Builder

Extreme Mass


Take 1 ml drop per day and drink 8 ounce of water.

Supplement Facts epistane 15mg, purified water, natural and articial flavor.

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