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Aetos Essential Oils, Lemongrass Essential Oil - 0.5 floz

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1.) How are you able to sell USDA organic 100% pure oils at such low prices?

AETOS is a direct-to-consumer essential oil company. Since we only sell online and to select wholesale partners, we're able to offer the highest quality oils on the market at a fraction of the price that multi-level companies do.

2.) What makes an essential oil 100% USDA Organic?

To be considered 100% organic by the USDA is one of the most stringent qualifications in the natural product space. First off, just to be considered USDA Organic you technically only need to be 95% organic. To be 100% organic that means there can be absolutely no meaningful trace of pesticides or any other synthetic solvents or adulterants. The soil on the farms where we source our essential oils are all tested to ensure no runoff contamination, and the use of harmful pesticides is strictly prohibited. Our oils are distilled from the most pristine non-GMO plants Mother Nature can deliver.

3.) Are your oils therapeutic grade?

There is truly no clear definition of 'therapeutic grade' in relation to essential oils. It was actually just a marketing slogan made up by one of the largest essential oil companies in the US and it has become a widely accepted catch phrase for essential oil quality. You can be assured that all of our oils are 100% pure, free of pesticides, harmful solvents, fillers, synthetic adulterants or fragrances. They are all GCMS tested to assure authenticity and purity. Since many essential oils claiming to be therapeutic grade are not USDA organic, then our oils can be even more trusted than those. So if you want to call them therapeutic grade you can go right ahead!

Lemongrass essential oil is steam distilled and can help promote better digestion and tone skin.

Direction of use Mix 1 or 2 drops with carrier oil for topical use or 3-5 drops in your diffuser

Ingredients: 100% pure, non-GMO, organic Cymbopogon flexuosus essential oil

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